❥  Enter church only through the Landshuter Straße entrance

❥  Wear a FFP2 mask when not being at your seat. If you do not have a mask, ask the door service to give you one

❥  Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m too your next. This applies both to the service itself and to the traffic routes

❥  Do not have physical contact with other service participants

❥  Pay attention to the pastor’s instructions and to those of the church’s order staff

❥  Regularly use our liquid soaps, towels and disinfectant dispensers provided to you. These are available in sufficient quantities

❥  Avoid unnecessary touching of objects in our premises

❥  Dress warmly, because we air regularly

❥  Please do not enter our kitchen and our technical corner

❥  If you want to make a collection, put it in the collection basket that is nearby the chairs. Be careful not to do this at the same time as other service participants, but wait until the way is free

❥  If you wish to partake of the Communion, you may do so by independently helping yourself to a disposable single chalice and a previously with gloves cut piece of bread as you enter the worship space. You will take these with you to your seat. Be sure to follow the rules determined by the German government

❥  Do not go to the service if you feel ill or similar


Last update: 20.03.2022


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